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Post news RSS NoReload Heroes Enhanced Edition comes to Nintendo Switch™ with a BLAM on March 11, 2021 globally.

Teatime Holdings is happy to announce NoReload Heroes Enhanced Edition, the upgraded version of the chart-topping indie hit NoReload Heroes is coming to Nintendo Switch™!

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The release date for Korea to be announced shortly.

Teatime Holdings is happy to announce NoReload Heroes Enhanced Edition, the upgraded version of the chart-topping indie hit NoReload Heroes is coming to Nintendo Switch™!

NoReload Heroes Enhanced Edition is a couch co-op twin stick shooter for 1 to 4 that combines the devilishly engaging combat with the shenanigans of having your friends over for game night. Fight the mighty wizbot Mephisto and take on his hordes of henchbots to reclaim the mage’s tower. NoReload Heroes Enhanced Edition sees you fighting your way through 18 levels, 40+ types of enemies, and all with an arsenal of over 150 weapons.

There are three bosses including the mighty Mephisto that are going to put you to the test. To get to them you’re going to have to make your way through rooms of henchbots that come in a huge variety of forms from ballbots, to snipers, to turrets, to berserkers and more. And each type of enemy robot can have countless upgrades to make them more powerful, and your attempts to retake the tower more challenging.

This game is more than a co-op dungeon crawl tower climb, it’s about sharing experience and keeping everyone playing. The whole team levels up together and all the players get a vote on which upgrade everyone shares. If any player votes differently then the upgrade is determined by the roll of a roulette wheel. Players can be revived at any time, should they fall, and the teammate who helps them up again gains a little bonus for doing so.

NoReload means every gun just keeps shooting. Magic means you never run out of bullets. Bullets that may be lightning bolts, fireballs, ice balls, or even giant fists. NoReload also means there’s no save system. If the entire team dies, then it’s back to the bottom of the tower to try again. Each attempt is different as the tower rearranges itself and Mephisto redeploys his henchbots to. It’s not your knowledge that will see you through this adventure, it’s your skill.

It takes skill to work together as friends or family. The simple control scheme, basic concepts and bright visuals mean NoReload Heroes Enhanced Edition is perfect for mixed groups of all ages and gaming abilities. No one gets left behind in the climb up this magical tower. It’s one for all and all for one!

Aside from guns and upgrades, you can pick up health items or power-ups. You can carry up to five, and each gives a bonus to the damage they deal. But a single hit causes you to drop a power-up. And that extra damage is going to be needed if you’re going to survive and save the spire.

New to the enhanced edition is Zone Contest, a 2 to 4 player versus player game mode. It pits you and your friends against one another in an attempt to hold the central zone in a King-of-the-Hill style event. It’s fast and frenetic and all about knocking your friends from their throne. The one who holds the center longest wins. Push your opponents out or take them out, any and all tactics are valid.

NoReload Heroes was originally in production from Stupid Stupid Games, however they were unable to complete the work and get this edition to Nintendo Switch. Thus, Teatime Holdings stepped up in order to provide the fans with the version they've been wanting!

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