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Noir Syndrome is now up on Steam Greenlight! Check it out and give us a vote if you want to see it on Steam.

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It's finally come to be that time. Getting everything finished up and nicely polished so I can prepare for a release date. To reflect this, I've opened up a Steam Greenlight page for the game. If you want to see it on Steam, or even if you don't have Steam but want to support us, head over to the page and give us a vote! If we're able to get on Steam, this will open a great many doors for us. It will provide us with the possible revenue we need to make an even bigger project next time around as well as getting our games out to a much wider audience. It's a crucial step for any indie studio, and we definitely couldn't do it without you guys!


As of now, the exclusive beta is officially closing up. You can still play it if you have it, but I'll be discontinuing invites. I've since worked on so many new features that the beta is quite far behind. Many of the improvements were taken directly from things you guys had suggested! As for a quick glance of how we did during the beta, we hit the top 10!

Check out a little screenshot of that below.
In addition, here's some stats on the game page itself during the beta.

Stats during beta More beta stats

As I mentioned, there is a whole slew of new features. The most notable being a complete overhaul to the notebook and clues. Clues will now be far more useful, and the notebook will be able to hold much more vital information. I will go further in to detail on this during the next big update, but here's a quick look at things to come.

Updated Notebook Idle gif

For all of you who have been following the game for a while, I just want to give out my personal thanks. You all helped me keep going when I was wondering if people were interested in the game or not. For that, I thank you. Here's a little idle animation (with a new ai-controlled cat!) to leave you with.

Also be sure to check us out on our:

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new types of civs, i suppose, chefs, poets, sounds cool!

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