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First I want to thank the people who made ​​me a reasonable critical about bugs and clitches of the story

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First I want to thank the people who made ​​me a reasonable critical about bugs and clitches of the story.

Absurd criticism and disrespect do not care because people have become accustomed to being rude and incoherent.
As I said before I did this for the first time, without basic knowledge but through watching videos on how to do scrips and maps.
This custom story that I've done in my spare time because I have university, family, friends and even girlfriend so I have more important things to do than devote my life to internet.

I have come to read from a guy who says that the story has no sense, you appear in a room with televisions and nothing ... you know Spanish? Read, write or understand Spanish? I put in the description entirely in Spanish.

Well, I mean that when I finish the exams (because some have life and future) as I love Amnesia, will improve the texture and will correct errors.
I hope that you play the version 1.1 and give me advice or reasonable critical



Just played this, it felt like an alpha version that has potential to become something interesting. Definitely alright for your first story. Also, I find using one's native language a wonderful idea; it's much better than barely understandable English grammar some stories have. Too bad I don't know Spanish :3
The voice acting is nice.
The description should probably mention that this CS needs White Night to be properly played.
As for things to improve on, I guess texture glitches are one prominent shortcoming, and perhaps the maps could be longer.

I hope you keep working on this, it seems like a nice story!

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CJV15 Author

thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it a bit, obviously it will improve

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Yes I was the one who said the television and nothing part, I was expecting something to happen, but nothing does! Yes, i am taking a spanish class, but there weren't any notes going to that room, what is the significance of the televisions? The story needs to be deeper than what it is. Read my review, I quoted a very important part of your description that can destroy a persons interest. Want a good review? here:
+use welders, they can help with a lot of texture glitches
+play through the CS yourself, read all notes: do they make sense? any spelling/grammar errors?
+include an english version, it will attract more attention to your custom story and it will help in the long run.

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CJV15 Author

Really not definitive, just wanted to know if I'm on the right track.

I will try to devote more time to mod and persuade some friends to help me.

Two more things:

1) I do not understand what are welders, could you explain?

2) When you stand in front of the TV should play a voice. put the sound files in the music folder

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