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Embark on an epic journey with Obligor to rescue the unbound souls & return them to the Soul Keeper in this next-gen #metroidvania with a unique quest & inventory system.

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Soul Passage is the story of the honorable nameless warrior. After losing his family and his people in his village, he makes a deal with Soul Keeper to bring them back to life. The Heartless Soul Keeper gives him a long quest to finish to release his family and people.
From that day on the nameless warrior is known as Obligor. He is obligated to gather the souls of his enemies and pass them through the Soul Passage to complete the quest of the Soul Keeper.

Explore a vast NEW UNIVERSE

  • Discover the secret passages connecting the planets
    Pursue Spirit Gates through which you can reach different universes and environments, pay the gate price and travel to other worlds, face spirit hunters and creatures who are after your possessions, test your skills against different laws of physics. Dive into the deepest dark corners to complete your inter-universe collection.
  • Encounter enemies that challenge your abilities
    Soul Passage is a special Metroidvania where, along with the classic Metroidvania elements of exploration and immersive combat, RPG elements will allow you to dive deep into the story and different endings will push you to replay the game over and over, sculpting your character and enjoying different weapons and different fighting styles and abilities. Always be on the alert for the spiritual weapons you may encounter in the game.
  • Dive deeper into your own story
    As you play the game, shape your personality with your choices and truly transform the obligor into the warrior with the skill you dreamed of. Enjoy the side quests you will encounter in the immersive atmosphere of the main story, and take your game to a higher level with its effect on the real story.
  • The end of the game is never the end!
    When you finish the game, develop your story with different scenarios with a new mode and inventory to open.

Early game screenshot

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