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A quick little update on the project! We talk about what we've been up to the last few weeks.

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It's been a while since we updated this page on IndieDB. From an outside point of view it may look as if the project is halted, but it really isn't. It is true that we've mostly been working on other things the past few weeks, but these are all things that are going to be in favor of Night of Legacy's development.

We have been spending time around Second Life for the past couple of weeks or so. In case you don't know, Second Life is a virtual world / 'game' that is build mostly for interacting with other people. We have opened up our own Second Life store, and we made a short list of items. Making and editing items for Second Life has really given us more insight into scripting and modeling, and this is all experience that we're taking with us into other projects (including of course, Night of Legacy).

As for me (Wolfyboy), I'm also spending some time trying to learn coding in JavaScript. Why JavaScript? Because I'm trying to form a good basis for coding and scripting, and from what I gathered JavaScript is a good language to learn for programming newbies. This way, I can get more insight into what code we can use for our game, and I can communicate a lot better with our programmer. If it's one thing we learned while developing, it's that communication is a important key factor in game design.

Now hopefully you guys are up to date again, and we're gonna spend more time on development! :) You can look forward to more concept art soon, although when I say 'soon' I do mean that in a loose sense of the word, because you have to keep in mind that we're just two / three people working on Night of Legacy at the moment. Which brings me to my last point: if you feel up for a modeling / rigging job and you're enthusiastic in your work, we're still looking for people to help us out in this area!

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