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Releasing of Source to other people... You can develop it from now on.

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Ok if you didn't know what that meant, this basically means I am letting other people use my game as a template, because I am going to release the full version with 20 main missions, 10 Skydiving Missions and 1 Superhard Mission, which is probably impossible anyway. But Just because of that, I have actually finished that and when I release it fully, it will be using an installer for the reason that then I can patch it quite easily for new expansions that I will release for it. Obviously, they will include more content, but all they do is replace the old .exe and source code release with the new updated one. Here's my progress to completion:

  • CD Drive Music Only (to edit that you will need a copy of Game Maker 7 Pro)
  • 20 main Missions
  • 10 Skydiving Missions
  • 1 Superhard Mission
  • Redesign finished
  • Adding something before you actually play.

So there you have it. The First Expansion (addon) will be announced as soon as I get the game fully packed up and ready for release. The zenlectro music I promised, well... you can make that yourself if you want. I don't mind. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys will like the full release.EDIT: Full Game + Source Released in 2 Seperate Packages!Also, ModDB, I can't make anything better than Programmer Art with a crappy Fireworks Program, I would rather have Photoshop but thats a lot more money, and also google Ball Revamped. That's a fun flash game.

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