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New Input system / key system / pressure plates

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Hi everybody here for a new… review!

Input redesign (v4)

The very first version used the input system (very basic) provided by the Unit.
We had some problems when we used several controllers …
We made several tests and we finally arrived at this 4th version which was realized by us.

It allows, among other things:

  • Several profiles of joysticks in case yours does not behave like that of Xbox360. (At first you will only provide the profiles for Xbox360 but free to you to write yours according to your needs)
  • Dynamic profile management based on the OS. And yes, depending on the driver you use the ids of the buttons and axis are not the same. For example the A button on Windows corresponds to Id 10 whereas on Mac it is id 26 …
    – Standardization of Buttons and Axis. To manage several joysticks, it is necessary to identify the common point between it.
  • Standardization of Action.
  • Possibility to modify the binding in the option menu.
  • Best management Up and Down buttons (Gamepad).
  • Etc …

This new version has also allowed us to standardize quite a few things and the addition of controllers “Keyboard / Mouse” should soon arrive!

Adding a key system

We decided to add a key system. They will appear by destroying some containers or by opening a door or chest for the first time. (It is the same system of spawn that the hearts)
Players will have to walk on them to pick them up but be careful they can only wear one at a time!

It’s up to you to make the right choice!


Adding of pressure plates

We added a pressure plate system to encourage players to cooperate momentarily during the game. These plates exist in 4 versions that can be used by 1 to 4 players. If the required number of players is reached, the runes on the plate will light up and become more and more luminous until the reward is triggered: a rain of gold!
They will then be extinguished.


Ps: Currently all the gold appear at once but we plan to spread it over a short time to have more fun !


  • The pieces of destroyed objects now disappear gradually by sinking into the ground. An average of 25% of the fragments is still kept. (If you remove them all it empties and if you leave them all you can not see the ground …)
  • Fixed a bug where the characters easily scaled the objects.
  • Fixed an HUD problem on the local part in split screen. (Linked to the change last week that had heavily modified the cameras)


  • Fixed a bug that caused us to leave the lobby if we pressed the A button on the controller. (Default focus misplaced).


  • Fixed a bug that would wait indefinitely for a player who wanted to view a workshop dungeon if it was offline (it’s mean without a MissingNo account).

We will probably publish a new Build Editor of the game in the coming days.

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