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[News] Toricky Development Stories 2015/2016, Toricky and Momo are two exploring birds, who are always looking for new adventures.

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Hi, Everyone,

My name is Arashi, and I'm the Creative Director of Toricky!

One day, Guillaume, an indie developper who is the programmer of Toricky came to me
with a conceptual mini-game featuring a little Bird carrying and throwing boxes.
When I saw this flying character using physics to play with objects, I had an intuition that we could
be able to create a very unique mechanics for a great Platform Game.
That's how the project Toricky started! It was about 2 years ago.

At Atelier Melon-Kissa, my indie game studio based in Osaka (Japan), we love Mangas and Animes. This is one reason we think characters are very important elements of a game.
For Toricky, I created many colorful characters with very unique personality for each of them.

When designing the game, we were drawing inspirations as much from Old School Platform games, especially the Sonic and Mario games which I am a great fan, than Action-Adventure games.
One of our aims is to render in 2D the feeling of Nintendo 64 Exploration-Platform games!
The world of Toricky is also greatly influenced by Japanese folklore and myths.

We exhibited the very first Prototype of Toricky at the Tokyo Indie Fest 2015, a big indie game show which took place in Akihabara, the holy land of Japanese Pop-Culture!
It was a very simple version of the game with small stages, few enemies and a treasure to find.
As soon as we saw hundreds of gamers visiting our booth and really enjoying Toricky's refreshing gameplay, we realized that we might have something that could become an amazing game!

It's very important for Atelier Melon-Kissa to create a complete game experience where gameplay, characters, story, and musics interact with one another!
Level designing the game is a big challenge as we are creating immense zones structured around complex puzzles. Guillaume is also having a hard time programming the various crazy Boss Fights the game is featuring!

bb_blockquote wrote: Guillaume: When Arashi first contacted me with a partnership offer, he described our future endeavours as 'extra-professional projects involving mini games'.
At the time I immedietley said yes! 'Why not?' I thought 'Shouldn't take too much of my time'.
I had no idea what I was getting myself into!
Toricky took a life of its own and evolved into the game it is today.
Take it from me, there is nothing 'Mini' about it.

In 2016 we were joined by two amazing composers, Dale North and Hiroki Kikuta, the legendary composer of Secret of Mana. They created amazing musics which added a whole new dimension to Toricky's world!

It's hard for me to believe that the game is going to be released in a couple of weeks.
We're hoping you'll enjoy exploring Toricky's world!

Please visit the store page for more info.
Thank you for all of your support.

Atelier Melon-Kissa & OtakuMaker.com Studio

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