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Written in the virtual locals of Mach Creation on Friday the 27th 2008 at 11h. Dear Internet surfers...

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Written in the virtual locals of Mach Creation
On Friday the 27th 2008 at 11h

Dear Internet surfers,

I am depressing, I didn’t find any PC Jeux those last times, not cool, moreover there was an article on SGLR :/
But there are some news about the demo of SGTNE and that, gets the moral up :p

First of all, what could we play in the demo? The first mission will be available with linked maps, so the map of the SGC (and the exterior of Cheyenne Mountain) and the map of the first mission obviously which you can consult the pictures on the official website (http://sgtne.mach-creation.com/).

That’s for that occasion that we going for a walk in the locals of the SGC while taking a breath of fresh air at the exterior of the base, enjoy your visit !

User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image

User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image

When will it be available? At present, we haven’t decided any precise date but we are envisaging a released for the end of the year. Notice that numerous mods on the theme of Stargate will release before, time for you to wait ^^

However, I would like to remember you that we an urgent need of 3D Animators of the characters as well as texture makers.
Do not hesitate to contact us to contact@mach-creation.com if you have one of those skills. Thank’s a lot =)

To finish, a beautiful trailer will release on the following days with exclusive pictures about the demo and, of course, about the first mission.

Post-scriptum : I profit of that occasion to give you the link where you can download the music that a lot of you have demand so the music of the first trailer of the SGC 3D Simulator version 1.5. Enjoy!

==> Download <==

So, now I have to let you, the postman is coming and I don’t whish that he forgot this letter which is dedicated to you :p

Cordially, your devoted X-303.

Translated by Maverick.


Making some nice progress guys, looking good... a tip if you don't mind, link your thumbs to your websites server and use .jpg for your file types? As .PNG are huge in true colour and a .jpg at 90-95 % still keeps the quality without the size, and linking to pix takes soooo long to load... cheers...

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fantastic news....

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Great news and good media.

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X-303 Author

I note down CaptainSource :)
Thank you very much ;)

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Looks Great! We are also working on a Stargate Game. Howeverm, it's a mod for Call of Duty 4. Anyone interested in helping?

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