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This article will explain some things for the new update that is coming to Powercity 9000.

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Hello everyone!

This is a little news update for those who are waiting for the new update.
The game will get a big update, but it's not done yet. The next update will be the last free update as I've said before, and will include many new features and fixes.
I don't have much time to work on the game, but I'm trying to do as much as possible.

I made a steam concepts greenlight page for Powercity 9000 a while back, and you can find it here. I also made an itch.io page which you can find here.
Feel free to add comments on the steam page or make posts on the itch.io powercity 9000 forum, because I like feedback (don't be afraid)!
I also made a youtube account, just for the steam page, but you can watch the first video below.

It's an introduction to the game mechanics, but I'll upload new videos soon. I will enter the 'real' greenlight process once I finish that last free update.


Steam greenlights1s2


So what's going to be in the new update?

  • New tiles
  • Updated menus (incl. controls menu with keymapping!)
  • Re-textured tiles
  • New GUI
  • Fixed bugs
  • And MORE!
    Re-textured tiles: (examples)
    update 3
    update 2

Do you want to contact us? Well, you can!

You can contact us on Indiedb, itch.io, steam, twitter (@JelleVandesijpe, @) or email (jatgamess@gmail.com) for questions, game problems and business.

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