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Post news RSS The New World Update (Alpha 0.16)

Build an empire with your friends on the newly generated map! Loads of items, objects, and features have been added. Trading posts have been established!

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Download and play Alpha 016 here!

This week was very strenuous. After working for months with the developers of SFML, we finally fixed the long dreaded client freeze! Finally fixing the client freezes was exciting... but I wanted to add more (of course), so I added a lot more items, objects, and features.

The new world is 4000x4000 (x4 the last world!), so there is now plenty of space to explore. Continents allow factions to claim areas of the map and dominate resources. The fresh world will allow newbies to join in and immediately start playing and exploring. If you have any troubles, talk in our newly formed "global" chat.

Added Items
- Bread
- Dough
- Blueberry Pie
- Raspberry Pie
- Apple Pie
- Antlers
- Empty Bucket
- Water Bucket
- Cooked Blueberry Pie
- Cooked Raspberry Pie
- Cooked Apple Pie

Added Objects
- Cooking Board
- Decaying corpses

Added Features
-800x600 mode (with fullscreen)
- Tool tips
- Animal running (except trolls)
- Improved animal AI
- WASD movement
- Chat channels/tabs
- Zoom out with mouse wheel
- 4000x4000 map extension
- Continents and islands
- Tool durability (will work on more later, but I finished saving)
- Village points + shop (For friendly fire, etc)

- 100% stable server (NO MORE CRASHES!)
- Animals spawn in packs (wolves, chickens, sheep)
- Hunger is now maxed at 400

- Village alter recipe (only requires 1 antler)
- Player sprites (no longer placeholders)
- Tileset (no longer placeholders)
- Object textures (no longer placeholders)
- Disabled fishing rod distances (must fish from 1 tile away now)
- Removed metal requirement for flags (replaced with sticks)
- No fruit/berries except in fertilelands

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