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This is the latest video from our new arena the Zem Moorlands. Check it out!

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Hi guys !

During the last weeks we have been working hard on the Zem Moorlands (the new arena) and I'm glad to show you how this arena looks right now!

You will also see on the video that the gameplay as been improving. Of course we still working on it and this is not the final gameplay!

We will really appreciate your comments :)

Jetcutter - - 756 comments

Looking Great!

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baszermaszer - - 446 comments

Definitely one of the better attempts at indie combat.

Very hard to get those full-contact hits right. I can only imagine a separate animation-programmer and two top-notch animators with him just for getting the physical hit-feedback right in combat.

In this theoretical scenario:
- polish distances
- try come up with a body-part collision (extremities, torso, head)& feedback anim system.
- make falls, toppling look really right, powerful and weighty
- create a lot of feedback anims for getting hit in body-parts resulting in staggering back or sideways
- if everything succeeds, try to do severing of limbs anims.

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ocho_bits - - 2 comments

Thanks a lot, baszermaszer, we are doing our best to polish the combat system, but everything is looking good at this point - remember we are still in the fifth month of development.

Really good advices there, we are discussing all those features in our forum, giving the chance to the community to influence in the development. We are just trying to build the perfect experience for gamers, so every opinion is more than welcome. Join us and I would be happy to send you a beta invite and keep improving Skara with your advices.

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RicardoValenzuela - - 48 comments

The environment looks really nice, I specially like that part where you are in some kind of spiral staircase and the fire from below shines in the screen :)

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Psyshik Author
Psyshik - - 49 comments

This arena has two towers and you need to use this spiral staircase in order to reach their top.
Once you will be there you will be able to use a special ability for killing the others players :)

We are actually implementing this ability I will be able to show you soon some images!

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