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New version of SKAR features improved chainsaw model with sharpened blades and new device that will work as an energy shield. It will be great tactical tool with a little bit of mystery around, because there isn't any number in HUD for that.

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We have just released a new version of SKAR.

This update features new improved chainsaw model. We had to remove too many blades and skewers, whih wasn't looking that good as we expected. We kept it simple and made each blades sharpened.

Second change is much better. We have finally implemented a mysterious device on character hand that will work as an energy shield. Currently we have it linked on Armor, but we are now working on automatic regeneration that will work as a tactical tool. It will be very useful on higher difficulties when you take damage. You can step back, regenerate in a few seconds and go into battle again. Some harder battles won't be able to survive without utilizing it. Wait for the creatures we have prepared for you!

SKAR: The Unknown: Energy Shield

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