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We have been hard at work since the last build we released. We have completely redone the tutorial to make it easier to learn the game. You can also race other people's times from the high score list in order to hone your skills, plus many more changes.

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It's been about a month and a half since our last release and we are proud to announce many new changes.

Change Log
-Completely new levels
-Increased the swing speed by about double
-Increased the default bounce of the Grabble
-Added secret collectibles
-New programmer art
-Added new creatures
-Added more sounds(if very buggy)
-Lots of probably unnoticeable player tweaks
-Better networking

Moving forward, we will be finalizing level designs so that our artist can get a better vision of what the game will look like. We have reached a limit with our programmer art and cannot wait to get started.

We also have big plans for implementing a co-op mode that we think fits very in tune with the rest of the Grabbles experience. Using each other to get to higher places and using each other to toss objects around are both very satisfying.

Thanks for reading and if you want to try out the game just use the builds on here or go to Noblewhale.com (chrome_32 is currently broken for all Unity webplayers. Reloading a couple times might help, clicking "always allow for this site" might work, also just opening up your settings for chrome appears to make the webplayer visible again, or use a different browser)

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