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We just published a new trailer for Scorchlands. 📺 What's more, we already know when the game's gonna be available via Early Access! 📅

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Hello Birdfolks! 👋

This time we won’t write as much as in the Gameplay Insight series.

The new trailer is here! 🎥🍿

It’s almost two minutes long. The commentary will help you sink into the world of Giwis 🐦, colonies, terraforming, and city building. Don't get hung up - Scorchlands is a colorful game, but the gameplay mechanics are pretty complex!

📺 Watch the trailer here.

The trailer ends with an ending card, unveiling the release date of Early Access. 📅

Scorchlands  - ending page

A friendly reminder – if you enjoy what Scorchlands has to offer, please don’t wait for the Early Access release. You can check out the game pretty much right now. 👀

Download the demo version today! 🐣

We hope you’re gonna enjoy it as much as we do.

Before we leave you, take a look at…

Quick Game Overview

Scorchlands is a game in which you manage the production of fantastic resources on a foreign, volcanic planet.

You will fill the shoes of a birdfolk space expedition leader in charge of an effort to colonize a volcanic moon.

Starting with just one tiny settlement, expand into a vast network of interdependent colonies.
Scale up your production, manage logistics, adapt to the terrain, and master new resources.
Explore this unwelcoming, alien world and reshape it through arcane terraformation.


  • Experience a unique mix between a city builder and a factory game.
  • Terraform the world around you and exploit the biomes you create.
  • Play around with a unique system of resource management.
  • Manage laser-based logistic networks.
  • Come up with your creative solutions and find yourself pausing to admire your work.
  • Never wait for any timer and play as fast or as slow as you want.
  • Follow a lighthearted story about a race of birdfolk on a scientific expedition.

You can check also our development Roadmap:

Scorchlands  - development roadmap

Support Giwis – join us on Discord server 🎧
Yours Ringlab ⚗️

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