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The kappa tower has been added in honour of twitch!

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We have been hard at work adding a new tower to Aegism to give players even more choice when playing the game.

The name?
Kappa tower.

We have all watched way too much twitch and in honour of this, we decided to dedicate one of our turrets to it. We also have a good acronym for it that fits the damage it causes so why not :)

Tower mechanics
The idea behind this turret is that it starts at very very low damage and multiplies its damage every 0.1 seconds. This means it's very crucial where you place and when you build one else you will be wasting a lot of coins (these are not cheap!). When the tower focuses a new target, the charge drops back to it's initial charge which depends on the tower level.

These are extremely good at killing those super bosses but only if they are focusing that target - be sure to kill all of those small monsters so it can charge its power up fully!

Starting charges
Level 1 - 0.2
Level 2 - 0.4
Level 3 - 0.8

These may sound very small changes but as they are multiplied instantly, the difference is huge so a level 3 Kappa tower is very lethal in the right circumstances. As the beam gets more charged, it increases in size so you can very quickly see how powerful it is.

Here's a picture of the Kappa tower in action:

Kappa tower preview

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