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This mod is based on the Lord Of the Rings that will be made for Mount and Blade 1.010/1.011 Features; *Mod includes 5 factions; Isengard, Mordor, Harad, Gondor and Rohan. *Each faction will be as precise as possible according to the movies. *New sounds thx to Checkmaty which I take no credit from. *New Music *Orcs, Uruk Hai and Goblins are included (they do not look as humans) *Looters are replaced by Goblins *Some kind of trolls will be found in the game More Info and screenshots will be up so

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Happy easter everyone, I am glad to anounce that a lot of work has been done recently and a lot of new weapons have been implented into the game.

Hobbit knifeWraith dagger
Orcish axeOrcish axe
Uruk hai SwordDwarven Axe

Hope these pictures makes you all happy for a while :D


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