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The new updated base/greedy version(s) will fix some issues.

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Hey guys! The mod has been updated to fix some bugs, here there's a list of what has been fixed:

- Fixed an issue related to goodies: putting sanity potions and large oils could cause the player to get stuck at some point because of the inventory being too full. To fix this issue some items required for puzzles will be removed once they are completely useless and they only waste space in the inventory, large oils have been removed but regular oils have been increased to balance, the number of sanity potions have been decreased.

- Fixed an issue related to funny monsters sounds: a custom story could deliberately use the funny enemies sounds before, it has now been fixed. Now a custom story could use the funny enemies sounds but only on purpose (it's up to the dev)

- Fixed some issues related to the appearance of the map 04_wine_cellar_lab.map

That's all! Sorry for the issues, if you discover other bugs please let me know! See you :D

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