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This week we are adding two new skirmish arenas to 11th Dream - Desert and Hills.

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Another exciting week behind us! We are adding new skirmish maps Desert and Hills to 11th Dream, fast-paced third-person shooter which is available on Steam in Early Access.

Desert arena

Desert is new a map of rocks, sand and abandoned ruins which offer good covers and hide useful bonuses. Visibility is further limited by thick layer of floating sand. The map gives an option to attack an enemy by surprise.

Desert in 11th Dream encounterrelease exe Screenshot 5

Hills is a new colorful, dreamy map under clear night sky.


Encounters happen here on long range, since it is difficult to find a cover on the open areas.

hills hills

We've also fixed several minor issues in Rapture, one of the levels of official campaign, and menu screen with leaderboards and player stats are now better explained.

You can listen to the 11th Dream original soundtrack on Youtube, we are going to publish entire game OST there over time.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to join us on our Discord server! Did you win your copy in the giveaway here on indiedb? Then we would love to hear your feedback.

See you next week!

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