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Game about the deep web, and what it carries. This, is Cyber Stalk.

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Hi there, before I start, I uploaded a short gameplay for it, (which has a lot more done after I uploaded it.) Youtu.be

The game has been In development for 3 weeks now, and have some screenshots other than the main menu looks. So! Here are a few questions and answers.

Q: Instead of just sitting at a computer, is there anything else to do than browse the web and sit?

A: Yes, you can walk around the room, and get certain information to access more of some webs too!

Q: Looking for beta testers?

A: Yes, actually. But for that, I will be linking a video to get this idea down.

Q: In the web browsing, how many websites are planned to be accessed?

A: Every website will be accessible, and guessing to be over 50 websites planned!

Q: Any way to die, since it is a horror game?

A: Yes, but I'm not revealing what will kill you. Or, even if there is anything to kill you.

Q: Story perhaps?

A: Yes, but not revealing what is in the story.

Q: Is there a development team?

A: No, the game is being developed by a 14 year old. But just because of age, does not mean any type of restrictions on gore, and gameplay. Believe me though, I am making the game perfect.

Have any questions? Leave them down in comments, thank you.

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