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An overhaul on some old things and addition of more features, like the much requested tutorial.

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Hello my good chums!

I've just released a new version of GODSPEED! over on Kongregate. Let me tell you what's changed:

  • New menu screen with music and fireworks. It's much simpler to jump in and play.
  • A tutorial! Finally! No more wondering what the hell is going on as you stare at some apes running toward some cats. This new tutorial also helps you learn the next point -
  • Overhauled controls. You play using WSAD and the mouse now which is a lot easier as you don't need to search the keyboard for buttons as you play.
  • Scrolling damage text for those who like to know exactly how much they are hurting things.
  • Completely new upgrade sysytem! I found nobody was actually buying upgrades, so I thought I'd make them more exciting. Here are the facts about the new system:
  1. Your upgrades are placed on your towers now.
  2. You can choose to upgrade your minions, the tower itself, or the amount of tokens you get
    per kill.
  3. Each tower can hold up to three upgrades of any sort.
  4. If the tower is destroyed, you lose all attached upgrades to it!

I find this new system much more exciting as you base your upgrades on what is happening around
you. It's chilling when the enemy launches a bunch of minions down a lane which has three minion
upgrades on it!

Please let me know what you think of these updates!
Head on over and play it at Kongregate.com
Good luck!

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