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This is the presentation of the new pharse of the TCO game.

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Hello everyone.

I know I haven't being post anything since a while, but there's some new stuff I want to share with you guys.

From the last feedback I have been adjusting the game to something new, and by NEW I meant, bigger, more dynamic and more interesting to play.
Now I added insurgents over the map, as it was, but those NPC are more special. They guard areas of interest. And this means that you, the player, will have to conquest those areas to have what it that might bring to you, like oilfields, supply stashes and so on. For now, I have some screenshots of the new and improved engine graphics:

Getting the mosque Supply stash area from the insurgents.

Cleaning the city from the insurgents to allow units to pass by.

A small video

CanadaMan7 - - 2,588 comments

So, a couple impressions:
-The performance hiccups are little concerning, especially with not a lot of action on the screen at once
-The cloud/explosion textures look a little 1 dimensional. Might want to take another look at those.
-It can be hard to see enemy soldiers/units. Any plan to have a faction color filter over them or something, even if it's just toggleable?

The graphics on the whole look great though and I'm excited to see continual progress on this.

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JLigeiroart Author
JLigeiroart - - 581 comments

Hello man! Great to see you again!
Yes, I'm struggling with performance issues
But I'm trying more stuff on that to see what is really going on.
The textures of the particles are indeed 2d sprites. But the shader is taking a volumetric approach. I will see alternatives thought.
And yes. I want to toggle the unit visualizer to better understanding of the combat situation. Will be indeed a switch on and off.

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t95blackeagle - - 687 comments

despite all the issue u are facing
looks amazing in every aspect
the map design the models props
so far so good
keep going

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