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Two new obstacle types have been created for Labyrinth Larry: Crushers and Spinners.

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The past week or so has been good as I have been able to add and test the behavior and playability of two new obstacle types: Spinners, and a Crusher.

Spinners are simply rotating obstacles that are inside the labyrinth and attempt to prevent the player from passing. Proper timing is required to bypass these obstacles. If you get hit, you will get knocked back and have to try again to get by.

Crusher and Spinners

The Crusher is pretty much just how it sounds. It flies over the labyrinth then picks a spot to come crashing down and crush anything that it may land on. There are a couple warnings visible to the player, but if you hear the alarm sound, you'd better hope you're not underneath it, as it's too late by then.

Also this week I've added a Health system and each of the current obstacles will now make you take damage instead of simply killing you. In fact, the only thing that is a one-hit-kill now is the Crusher. You now have a couple chances with everything else. Of course, that doesn't mean you should relax.

Hopefully these changes allow the player to complete some of the more difficult levels, and add to the overall fun of the game. (The Crusher has certainly added some more random jump-scare type encounters, especially when it suddenly slams down in front of you!)

From this point most of the gameplay elements that I had in mind for version 1.0 release are in place so I am now ready to start creating the game's custom art and model assets. Up until now I've just been using basic shapes and provided assets for prototyping purposes.

And, of course, play testing and bug squashing is always in the works. (Especially play-testing. Maybe too much play testing. But then, that's really a good thing, isn't it?)

The updated game files have been uploaded and are ready for download and testing.

The most up-to-date files can always be found at our main Fameca.itch.io page for download.

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