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See the WIP videos of all our Dev teams members on one channel.

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In the past Judgespear was the only one handling videos for MKF. Thus his personal YouTube account, already popular from his Mugen work, served well for previewing videos of the game.

Recently however a lot of our talented new blood have been releasing videos of their own. Unfortunately they haven't been able to promote their works quite as well, due to them lacking Judgespear's publicity.

So we've created a standard YouTube channel for the team. Now all of our Dev members can promote their work in one place, where the entire MKF YouTube fanbase will have easy access. This channel will also allow us to keep better track of each others work and help address feedback.


There you will find a number of new videos, showing early beta footage of Simon Belmont and a number of new WIP stages. Keep in mind Simon's only about 50% complete, his current 8bit sprites, double jump, and other things are placeholders.

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