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Post news RSS New lighting system added! (amongst other things)

This past week we've created a new lighting system for TSS, and also done some mundane stuff like optimizing.

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Let there be light!

We've been hard at work this last week. The biggest news for this week is that we've managed to implement an isometric lighting system. While there are still a ton of things that needs to be done to the new system, it still adds a lot to the over all feeling of the game in its current stage. Our plan is to one day have lighting system with faded edges (such as Project Zomboid), and one day maybe even add some normal maps into the game. For now though, this will be what we use until we've gotten the core structure of the game done.

The new lighting system in action.

Above you can see how the new lighting system looks, but also a couple of things that has been done to the UI.

First of all, there are now health bars that appear when you hover your mouse over a unit. This will make it easier to manage your own units and figuring out how to engage the enemy's, and it will also be usefull to get an overall picture of how the game is going.

Secondly, text has been added to the game. Both fonts are made specifically for this game, and are there to give some more in depth stats as to what's going on. We will later add some nice effects to them so they won't look so bland, but for now this is what we've got.

Third, we've now fixed so that units won't go through each other when moving. It's a minor fix, but it does a lot to the over all game.

Even if these are not new things in the game, there are some things here that are shown in action for the first time, such as the AP system, the target mouse animation, how units spawn in the game and so on. In future updates we'll try to add more of these screen-cap gifs so that you can follow our progress more easily.

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love the art style.

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Thanks! It means a lot to us that people enjoy the art style, as we were quite concerned that people might find the all-around blue-ness of the game a bit overwhelming.

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