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Two brand new level environments added to Pombie Zong: The Office / Laboratory, and The Subway Station.

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Over the weekend, I finally got around to adding in the last two level backgrounds!

The first one is an office/lab, in which some scientists had been running all sort of ethically-questionable experiments... until things went awry.

Office/Lab Level Background

The second new level is The Subway Station, which takes employees from the labs to the ultra-top-secret main Factory/Facility.

Subway Level Background

And with these new backgrounds, the new Sector/Level order now goes:

  • Sector 1: Grass (will probably be converted to a graveyard or park/field)
  • Sector 2: Highway
  • Sector 3: Grocery Store
  • Sector 4: Office / Lab
  • Sector 5: Subway Station
  • Sector 6: Factory

You can Download the latest Alpha Build (1.0a6) to check them out!


Great work! Very fun to play, a bit slow to start with, but I suppose that is just to get new players used to the system.

Just a few bugs: If you mute the home screen play a game and return, the mute button is still active but the home screen continues to play music. so you need to unmute and remute.

When your paddle is damaged and you get the upgrade to the big Blue paddle and the powerup wares off the paddle is back to 100% health. Yet when you finish the wave and start the next one, the correct wounded state is shown.

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cairn4 Author

Thanks for the feedback, and for checking it out!

Hmm, I'll definitely have to checkout the mute button issues, haven't really given it a real thorough testing yet.

As far as the paddle damage, maybe the Blue Paddle powerup shouldn't heal them, but they'd always get healed at the end of each wave? Since later waves get rather intense? *shrug* Having some healing visual effect would probably help too.

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The game looks quite good. Great graphics which at once is attracting... eyes. As far as I want to play myself.

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