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3D model of the new Khärn club! Give us your comments :)

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Here you have the 3D model of the new Khärn club!
Khärn warriors will use it to smash the head of the enemies onto the battlefield.
We made it look as dangerous as they are.

As I've explain in a previous news, Khärn warriors are the wildest people in all the Skara land.
They build their weapons and their closes with the resources that they find around them.

Can you guess the different resources that they have use to make this weapon?

sgmongo - - 53 comments

Seems like some barbarian just jammed/strapped a bunch of random junk onto his spear so he could club people to death with it. I love it! Very neat idea with the hoof-pommel. I'm not sure what the other bits actually are but, that in itself lends a certain character to it. I've heard the unreal 4 engine supports a level of graphic fidelity that makes artist drool...

So i guess the only question (not being critical btw ^.^) is: will there be more in the way of texturing and light-mapping or do you plan to stick with the basic shiny defuse for a lightweight clean look?

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Psyshik Author
Psyshik - - 49 comments

Haha you will see how the Khärn character will use this weapon when we will release some animations!

Another resource that we've use to make this weapon is a crab shell.

What you are seeing is the asset with a base color and a normal map just to see the shape. Once the asset will be in game we will add specific shaders such as subsurface scattering or tessellation.

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go0der - - 153 comments

Don't know what kinda weapon I'm looking at but it looks vicious.

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Psyshik Author
Psyshik - - 49 comments

This weapon will be use by the strongest warriors in the Skara land: The Khärn!

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