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The World of Padman features a lot of different player models, but with the new heads Padman gets even more variation. This is the first head model, but there are more to come.

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It is an old idea by doomdragon to create some new heads for the alternative skins to give the characters a more distinctive look and to make it for you even harder to decide your favourite.
He had to push hard but all of his convincing finally worked. ENTE drew up the concepts for doomdragon to model from. As ENTE already knew he was the one which had to find a way to get the new heads skinned. But when we see the result, we know this is well worth the extra work. ;)

In total there were four new head models created for the Padman skins. Of which we would like to present “StonePad” to you today. This one is coming out of the stone age into the colorful Universe of WoP. With his unique hair style and the bone through his nose he looks really distinctively. As you might imagine, StonePad wants to show us that he has not only survived the time of the saber-toothed tigers, but can also deal with all of his enemies in our Lilliputians worlds.


If there will be time for more of these, we do not know yet. We'd sure have some more ideas for them, but we also just have 24 hours a day.


Nice :)
But if released with v2.0 we'll probably have to wait forever. Why not publish it now?

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Harmonieman Author

Because we want to have a big release with WoP 2.0 that will impress you much and give you a complete new WoP-feeling. So small updates on and on are not on our list atm.

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I agree with Harm.
If they will publish it part for part there is only the community wich is interested.
If they release it with a great 'bang', there will be many many new members. At least I hope so.

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