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In this new build i have improved the graphics and added some stuff.

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Hi people, In this new build i have improved the graphics and added some stuff, like the HUD, a basic HUD but, still a HUD, a shitty and basic Water and Food system and i added a running mode which works with the water, that the point of it.

Now the player will have a penalization for being hungry and a life regen for being satisfied.

This system works like this: if food > 50, the player will be healed once a time and if food = 0 the player will lose HP and if this continue, as its obvious the player will die.

I have improved the whole game graphics considerately so it looks more good and i added a new gun, the Axe which is better than the knife, this melee breaks the barricades with 2 hits and kills a zombie with 3 hits.

And thats all, i would upload the new build in this week, maybe today. I have to say thats probably i change the whole game in a day, dont be so hyped :S.

Thanks for reading, Unluckygames.

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