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A new gameplay trailer for Salvation Prophecy, composed by Nate R from over at IndieGameHQ.

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Nate R from over at Indiegamehq.com made a new gameplay trailer for Salvation Prophecy.

Here's the direct youtube link:

I also did an interview with IndieGameHQ here:

The video is only 1:40 long, but it really captures the many facets of the game, from the space battles, planet battles, jump space, wormhole travel, the dynamic galaxy map and strategy interface, and the alien planet worlds. The gameplay videos and trailers I made myself earlier in the project always ended up much longer - but a short, high-impact video like this is probably much more effective.

Nate chose the music for the game as well. My only request was something electronic - I think that works better with the futuristic vibe of a sci-fi game. He found a young electronic music artist named 'F-777' who had a great selection of his compositions online. We asked permission to use one of his songs in the video, and he gave the thumbs up.

Connecting with, and working with the independent game journalists has been a really cool experience. You get a feel that these guys really love games.


Very impressive!

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