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Announcement of Dasher T, A new dash and slash side-scrolling action platformer. For fans of Rocket Knight and Mega Man.

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Hello everyone!

I’m excited to finally release some images and footage of the new game I am working on called DASHER T. Dasher T is a 2D pixel, dash and slash side-scrolling platformer, whose gameplay centers around Dasher’s ability to dash at high speed through levels incorporating slopes, high falls, and zig zags.

Image 6

I have been working on the engine for a few years now trying to get it just right, unlike Kunoi, which is crazy difficult to control. The images and video are from a tech demo I have been using to fine tune everything before I start the official game play.

Image 3

The art style is much like Kunoi, low resolution pixel art with a limited color palette, (I am only using 64 colors.) The game play is a marriage of Rocket Knight Adventures, Hollow Knight, and Mega Man.

Image 2

Please visit Dasher T on Patreon for more information about how you might be able to help out! Much more behind the scenes footage and perks will be available. Any amount of support goes a long, long way!

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Thank you so much and have a safe Holiday!


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