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Hi everyone! I work at Pooky, a new football predictions game based on the blockchain. I'd love it if football fans out there would try it out! It's completely free :)

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Here is a little pitch for you to get an idea :

Pooky is a unique football results prediction game built on the Polygon blockchain. Using digital collectible Pookyballs to enhance gameplay, fans of the beautiful game are rewarded for their passion, strategy and prediction skills.

The primary objective of Pooky is to predict the exact score of football matches from the world’s biggest leagues and tournaments. Players use 3D Pookyballs to make predictions, win Experience points (PXP) and battle for top position on the Pooky Leaderboards. As they progress through the ranks, players can level up, customise, craft, and increase the value of their Pookyballs to earn further rewards.

Pooky aims to solve today’s dilemma for prediction fans: the choice between ‘high risk, high rewards’ on traditional web2 betting platforms and ‘no risk, no rewards’ on social media platforms or between friends. Pooky is different: players ‘risk nothing and always win something.’

Thanks for your time, hope you enjoy the game !

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