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In Flagship Studios new Build Number, 3.0 to be specific we talk about the new features that will soon show up in our Adventures Let Free game!

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Flagship Studios

Adventures Let Free

Build Update - 3.0

Good Afternoon Indie DB Users, My name is Cole William [Colefrick] and i am the CEO of Flagship Studios and i am here to gladly announce our new Build and some up-coming Features we plan to add to the game.

So you may not know Me or Flagship Studios, but you can look us up as soon as Indie accepts our developer & publisher page request.

Back on Topic!
So Adventures Let Free is a 3D/Multi-Platform game that will be soon coming to all platforms except iOS Devices. Lets abbreviate the game and call it "ALF" makes more sense than typing it each time.
So ALF is a free roam, 3D, and Nature game that will allow YOU the user or developer to experience the nature environment without leaving your house/home, we plan to make it OCULUS compatible with in the next few months, the game is planned to release on 11-15-2013 by the earliest and 11-30-2013 by the latest. This game is going to feature Dynamic lighting, Health system and some other small scripts, right now we have really nothing we can say without spoiling the game for you so if you follow the games page HERE you can keep up with Screenshots and Videos and in the next few months a Trailer! So thanks for reading and hope to see you all soon!

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