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Hey have a look at new production update for 2020 and pictures of new things to enhance the play look feel and over all fun of WWII online. New equipment and more.

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xoomWe just had a huge Rat Chat, announced a major release coming at the end of this month and we're excited to show you even more Production items currently in progress! Lots of screenshots included in today's article, ranging from new vehicles in development, texture upgrades to terrain objects, and the return of 10 old-school bunkers in frontline - strategically valuable - towns. Please enjoy the following - continue reading!


PITTPETE is mostly known as the guy doing the thankless job as Customer Support Lead, but he is proving himself in a new realm of developing newer textures for Terrain tiles. Undoubtedly any and all upgrades to our graphics presentation is really important, and he is working closely with XL2RIPPR (Environment Lead) and Mkw (Environment Artist) to enhance our existing terrain textures.

Here's a current look at upgrades around the town of "Maldegem."

1 newterraintextures


Here are some updated building textures by XL2RIPPR along with a newer artist of ours, KayBeeJay. Many of our game buildings have older textures that need updating. While these pictures represent a work in progress they are clearly higher definition improvements.

2 newtextures cp

Take a close look here at the brick, this is a huge difference between them.

3 newbricktexture


XL2RIPPR did all veterans of WWII Online a huge favor by upgrading the old school bunkers to have a higher polycount and an expanded layout. These models look fantastic, and thanks to Tr6al (Terrain Editor) we're now going to see these Bunkers placed in strategically "high value" positions. We have plans to add even more of these bunkers throughout the key towns in the game world, but they have to be rolled out periodically.

Here's each of the towns with these updates:

4 newbunker dinantwab5 newbunker grobbendonk6 newbunker leuven7 newbunker longwy8 newbunker ramet9 newbunker schilde10 newbunker tielt11 newbunker verdun


The new FlaK37 will replace 80% of the current German FlaK28 (40mm Bofors). This was the workhorse of the Wehrmacht and has a pretty high ROF (rate of fire) as shown in the current Sdkfz 7 SPAA variant. This weapon is more in-line with the historical usage of German AA guns hence the change.

12 newflak37


On the path to completion of a few of our critical Roadmap items is the roll-out of Early War Truck SPAA's. These will be lightly armored, highly mobile Anti-Aircraft weapons available earlier in the war to provide AA protection for friendly forces. Please enjoy this great work by BMBM.

BEDFORD SPAA: Available for British and US Forces.

13 newbedfordspaa

LAFFLY SPAA: Available for French forces.

14 newlafflyspaa

OPEL SPAA: Available for German forces.

15 newopelspaa


Finally, the Stug is getting a machinegun, WOOT! BMBM has gone further to update the textures on this vehicle and even went into the internal model to enhance it a bit with a new radio (provided by XL2RIPPR) and better-looking textures.

  • Crew 4
    • Driver
    • Commander
    • Gunner
    • Loader / Top Weapon Station (MG)

16 newstugiiiausfg 2


The Universal Carrier is an iconic British Expeditionary Force, lightweight support infantry unit, capable of carrying troops and providing machinegun support via the hull Bren Gun and the top-mounted Vickers MG.

  • Crew: 3
    • Driver
    • Hullgun (Bren) & Commander
      • Reloads: 10 magazines
      • Mag capacity: 30rds each
      • Commander position can pop up and use binoculars
    • Turret (Vickers MG)
      • Reloads: 20
      • Belt has 250rds each
  • Carries: 4 Troops
  • Towing Capacity: Medium Guns
  • Speed: 48km/h maximum (onroad)

17 newuniversalcarrier

So how does this compare in size to other Allied vehicles? Here you go!

18 newuc comparison


Your subscriptions are directly contributing to these sorts of initiatives being possible. WWII Online is 100% community funded and your support not only keeps us operational, but it also helps us get more done.

  1. Make sure you subscribe to an active paid account at Account.wwiionline.com.
  2. If you're interested in doing more for development, consider becoming a hero builder, check Wwiionline.com for perks.
    1. This includes pictures and a more thorough breakdown.
  3. Recruit your friends into the game and get them on voice comms / teach them how to play.
  4. Actively play and engage with the community, this helps everything stay healthy.
  5. Share all of our development news with current players and older fans who may not be aware of our developments.

CRS would like to thank you for all of your tremendous support and we hope you are staying safe and healthy during this COVID-19 period.

Here's what's in store as a Builder of WWII Online:

  • Access to the "NCO" Infantry Class
  • Access to the "Ammunition Bearer" Infantry Class
  • FREE second towing account (includes inf classes)
  • Ingame "Hammer" Icon
  • Forum Rank (Title)
  • Forum Rank Avatar
  • Forum name receives first letter capitalized
  • Access to the "Builder" forum to chat with Devs / get early bird updates

Upgrade your account at Account.wwiionline.com ---> Hero.

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