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By Saturday evening, a time-restricted demo that contains the entire game will be available for download. That is, players will have three hours to get as far in the game possible! Easy instructions for copying current save files into the full game will also be posted.

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Our kind Kickstarter backers (81 and growing) have propelled our Kickstarter campaign far beyond our hopes. In return, we will dedicate ourselves to crafting ever more exciting new features in Last Dream II, including:

  • The Mime – an unlockable character upon game completion that has the ability to copy the best abilities of your party's other members;
  • Equipment Customization – a major advancement in the Last Dream synthesis system that enhances flexibility yet reduces complexity;
  • Branching Upgrades – we have our work cut out for us here! We will create two optional subclasses to which each character can develop, such as the Knight becoming a Dark Knight or Paladin.

We look forward to designing and implementing these expansions!

Full Demo

With the invaluable help of numerous individuals, we have now finalized every area of the game detailed in the 701-page Strategy Guide (free to anyone, and on WhiteGiantRPG.com).

By Saturday evening, we will put up a time-restricted demo that contains the entire game. That is, you will have three hours to get as far in the game as you can! We will also send out easy instructions for copying your current save file into the full game, if you would prefer.

Last Dream - Recently Finished Features

  • Super Bosses have been added as the fourth Tier of the Hunter's Guild, offering an ultimate challenge to even the best players of Last Dream.
  • Match wits with Daedalus, if you dare. You'll be handsomely rewarded if you escape his masterful puzzle.
  • The epic final dungeon, the Well of Souls, contains the spirits of your vanquished and revenge-seeking enemies; gather your courage and descend...
  • A truly massive super-dungeon known as The Abyss is finally complete. Here, you can acquire rare treasures found nowhere else in the game, but take care - while in The Abyss, your characters are reduced to an Experience Level of 1.
  • The Puzzle Master now rests on his island, waiting to reward Players for relaying stories of completing puzzles, designed by the ancient Vanir.
  • And more for you to discover!

Please share the growing Last Dream Kickstarter page with your friends: Kickstarter.com

While the new demo isn't available yet, you can still download the current demo here:

Last Dream

Check out the next episode of the Last Dream Let's Play series:

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