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Another 5 months of work on this Teleglitch-in-Space have gone by. The old demo version is outdated.

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A new Demo is available. It covers the last 5 months of work.
Download on itch.io (42 MB; PC, Windows).
I picked some improvements, which I want to show you here.

1. Flotsam

When levels are generated the items are placed in form of flotsam. They are clusterd and cannot drift away or even into the void. The player can still drop single items and has to take care of them. This is all fair.

2. Retreat & Fight

The hostile robot vessels have become smarter. It's no longer that easy to lure them into the void. And when they get stuck, they try to get free again. Briefly their performance appears more believable. The player has to rival them and for that reason I gave him a fallback melee weapon: the salvage ram.
So when you're running out of ammo or retreating is bothering you, you can poke your enemies destructively.

3. UI

Under enemy fire you need some essential information: HPs, ammo etc. I tried to integrate those infos into the HUD, simple and readable.
The Line-of-fire for example shows magazine state and reload duration.

... and wishlist on Steam.

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