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Stick figures must die! A new demo of Ballistick is available for download and our Steam Greenlight campaign is underway.

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Ballistick's latest demo is now out. Download and start killing stick figures like it's 2005.

Demo includes:

Alpha Release Images Keep it Quiet

  • 2 playable levels + Tutorial
    • One stealth level
    • One run and gun level

Choose your loadout

  • 3 Loadouts
    • Silenced Pistol, Snake Camera, ECM jammers
    • Shotgun, Body Armor, Grenades
    • M4, Noise Maker, Claymores
  • Over 1 hour of gameplay

Download our game here:

Ballistick Demo

And if you enjoy it, please help Greenlight us on Steam.

Happy stick hunting,

-Bomb Shelter Games

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