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A brief update one the new Combat UI and engine in Zelion

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Hey everyone!

I want to go over the new combat engine and UI design I am working on. The main design inspiration was originally the Pokemon RPG games with the menu on the right with your Pokemon on the left with the enemy to the upper right. However, after contemplating the idea and starting to draw all the information to the screen, this looked wrong due to the aspect ratio of the window this looked off and the flow of the animations didn't work as well with the diagonal line. After changing the layout to have the fighters horizontally, all the UI items fell more or less into place.

Currently still in development is the animation for the attacks and in the render pipeline as sometimes characters are being written to the wrong positions.

That's it for the current update today. I'm super excited about the final version of this combat UI and engine, I hope you will like it too :)

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