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Our Team has finished the new updated client version v1.6 just now. All content is currently active on the server. Have fun!

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Download @ Indiedb.com

New Map Desert Siege
We're adding one new D3 type map called Desert_Siege which is a large scaled map set in a desert with bases enclosed by huge walls you can get on top of, of course.

Chinook Vehicle Transporting
We've finally finished the transporting of vehicles on the battlefield by using a Chinook, much thanks goes out to sla_ro|master and ImperialKaskins(retired) for their work on the model.
Players can press the "i" key while inside a vehicle to attach to a nearby friendly Chinook and can press "i" again to drop off, in addition to this the pilot of the Chinook can also press "i" to drop the vehicle at the designated location. It took a while but it works very great.
Only downside to it is that we cannot enable it on the Naval water maps that D3-Series have to offer because of some glitches we are unable to fix at this point. Watch Youtube Video 1m16s

New PowerUp
There is now a Grenade Vest powerup which will turn your character into a Suicide Bombinb Fanatic. You can press "Q" to trigger the detonation mechanism which will make your character run a bit faster for 3.5 seconds after which it blows up destroying and damaging all nearby units and buildings.

FFA - Free For All
Also implemented is a new type of game mode in which the purpose is to kill anyone in the area, there are no teams in this game mode, it's everyone for him/herself!
Currently 2 maps are in rotation for this game mode called DMCenterTS(aircraftkiller) and Antarctica(AllGusto).

Veterancy by sla_ro|master
A whole new veterancy plugin is active in the game now which enables all sorts of extra's such as buying weapons, support ai-bots, ammo refills, vehicles, killingspree notifications, mindcontrolling ai-bots and much more! Go check it out!

Thank you all for downloading and playing our C&C Renegade: Imperial Age
Cya on the battlefield!

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