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NEW Career Options added | Update 0.3.0 is Live! Baker Career, Flourist Career, Travel Agent, Banker Career, Postman Career ware added.

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This Update brings a lot of new content and new Features to the game and also alot of bugfixes and other changes. Mainly we have added 5 new Career option to the game:

  • Baker Career,
  • Flourist Career,
  • Travel Agent (This is not an actual Career but more an entrepreneur path which you can proceed in the Airport),
  • Banker Career (Comes with a background Story),
  • Postman Career (Comes with a connected Story and a Background. Also, this Career you will not find in the Newspaper, so you need to find a specific way how to get into the Career).

The Careers Baker, Flourist and Banker can all be found as an Ad in the Newspaper. When you want to try yourself out as a Travel Agent at the Airport you can this Career that at the Mayors Office where you register yourself as Self-employed.
The Postman Career cannot be started, either at the Mayors Office nor can it be found as a Newspaper Ad. To start this path you will need to find your way into this Career... this Career opportunity will presents itself to you once you talk to the right people so make sure you talk to everyone, Everywhere...

Scanario Mode
As we already announced and as you will notice we have changed the Main Menu. We added the Scanarion button on top, this feature is not yet added as it is in development currently and should be completed in the next few months.
Scenario mode will feature several pre-planned Story Scenarios that you will be able to play and unlock each one-by-one.
The scenarios will be also connected to Steam Achievements, which we plan to Releas with the same update as the Scenario Mode, so in the coming Months.
Also, please note that we have now renamed the Button that was called before New Game and is now called Free Play, in the Main Menu Section.

We feel that the current gameplay is more a Sandbox/Free Play mode so we wanted to add some challenges and more fun to the game by adding the scenario mode.
We hope you like the idea and hopefully you will also like the Feature once we release it.


  • Added Career Baker.
  • Added Career Flourist.
  • Added Career as a Travel Agent.
  • Added Banker Career.
  • Added Postman Career.
  • Updated the Credits section.
  • Added the scenario mode button to the Main Menu (not Active yet).
  • Renamed button. (before) New Game to (Now) Free Play.
  • improved Minimap Signs.
  • Shopping Bug Fixed.
  • XP counter for Cooking Fixed.
  • Save function for XP points Fixed.
  • Sleeping bug fixed.
  • Transition Zone Bug Fixed.
  • Crime Career Level Extended.
  • Inventory Sotoring Issue Fixed.
  • Criminal Level Issue, when continuing a Saved Game with Wanted Level, Fixed.
  • Job Quitting Button Updated.
  • Controls Storing Issue Fixed.
  • Dirty Plates stuck in Inventory Issue Fixed.
  • Fun Need Issue in Cinema Fixed.
  • Hospital Setting Updated.
  • Mayors Office Updated.
  • Fun Need Issue in Cinema Fixed.
  • Flower Shop in Zone 1 Updated.
  • Flower Shop Bug not counting in Zone 2 Fixed.
  • Quest Bug Fixed.
  • Recipes Collection Bug Fixed.
  • Collecting Profit in Own Shop Bug Fixed for MAC Version.
  • Piksli Building Updated.
  • Airport Updated.
  • Financial History in Sales (Own Shop) Bug Fixed.
  • D&Drop issue Fixed for MAC version.
  • Padding Issues in Zone 2 Fixed.

Thank you.

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