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OHM announces the new campaign time and when the server will be down...

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WWII Online's Campaign #177 will start tomorrow at about 5PM server time (Pacific GMT-8).


We will be bringing the server down 1 hour earlier (4PM) for configuration. We'd like to encourage you all to participate in WWII Online's Official Discord (voice comms) server, join it at : WWII Online Official Discord

Allied Forces have new leadership, with their Commander in Chief being "Colt," and "Googs" will continue as the Axis Commander in Chief. Spread the word and let's start to rally troops and officers to have a great kick-off to this weekend.

Download the latest full installer if you are just returning at : WWII Online Join and be sure to subscribe for full access by going to HTTP://account.wwiionline.com.

The World is about to be at WAR!

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