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New Big Update 0.3.0 New Features, new items and lots of new stuff to do adn keep you interested.

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Big Update 0.3.0
A2G Studios would like to wish a very Happy Thanksgiving . I would like to take the time to thank you for all your support with this awesome update. Lots of players have been giving me feedback and making very good suggestions that helps to make the game better. This is what Early Access is all about and we are happy to be part of it. This update brings lots of changes to the game that we hope will improve game play and give the player more to do. Even though there are some bugs that I am still working on , I think you are really going to like some of the new features.

The building system has been reworked , more than 20 new building parts have been added including primitive building parts made from sticks and the ability to build log cabins log by log. I have also added 3 New crafting stations, a storage shed you can build to store lots of items in, and also small grow boxes to grow food in.
Beside all the new building items I have also added several new POI's to explore and find loot, including a run down landscaping center and a Old Military bunker hidden up in the mountains.

Animals and hunting are being introduced into the game as well. You will now see Deer, Bear, Wild Boar, Rabbits, and salamanders that you can kill,some are leaving loot and some are not, we are working on this right now and hoping to have it done in a few days, maybe by the end of the week. To start with I have made two different type of spears you can craft to hunt with, Pistols , Rifles, and bows will come soon too.

Trader Ron has been moved out to the main road for a better player starting experience and he also has a house on the hill behind the shop that you can explore. If you are lucky you can collect a few eggs from the chicken that Ron has. If you save a few of the eggs , later you can build an incubator and raise some chickens of your own. Trader Ron has also been improved with the ability to help you by answering some of your starter questions, he may also have a quest or 2 for you int he future so stay in touch.

Starter Gear has changed a little, you will now get a used green tent in your pack to. This tent can be set down and picked back up, the cool thing is , it can be used for storage while exploring for a homestead

Be careful some of the Animals can now attack and kill you.

List of most changes, so much work , I might have forgot a few.

-Can now cook on Basic campfire ( you still need to place the cooking pot on the fire to boil water
-Added new areas ( Grassy Fields ) A good place to find Herbs
-Added ability to plant and grow food in grow boxes
-Added ability to hunt some animals with a spear or machete for raw meat ( this is in the early stages)
-Added Solar Power Station with crafting table, can use to craft power items like saws and lights.
-All crafting recipes have had there time cut way down to craft.
-Added new fire effect to Campfire
-Added new footstep sounds
-Removed dead trees from Dirt Roads
-Added chickens that lay eggs at random times
-Added more dialog to trader

-Basic Wooden Spear Added
-Flint Arrowhead Spear Added
-New Realistic Fire Particle Effect for Campfires
-Loot Container ( tools ) Added
-Loot Container ( Prepper ) Added
-Loot Container ( Survival ) Added
-New Building Part ( Building Log ) Added
-New Building Part ( Building Log Window/Door ) Added
-New Building Part ( Log Foundation) Added
-New Building Part ( Wood Window) Added
-New Building Part ( Wooden Door1 ) Added
-New Building Part ( Log Roof ) Added
-New Building Part ( Wood Stairs ) Added
-New Building Part ( Stick Foundation) Added
-New Building Part ( Stick Wall ) Added
-New Building Part ( Stick Doorway) Added
-New Building Part ( Stick Wall Window ) Added
-New Building Part ( Stick Roof ) Added
-New Building Part ( Stick Stairs ) Added
-New Building Part ( Fiber Roof ) Added
-New Building Part ( Wood Fiber Foundation) Added
-New Building Part ( Wood Fiber Doorway) Added
-New Building Part ( Wood Fiber Floor) Added
-New Building Part ( Wood Fiber Foundation) Added
-New Building Part ( Wood Fiber Triangle Foundation) Added
-New Building Part ( Wood Fiber Wall ) Added
-New Building Part ( Wood Fiber Window Wall ) Added
-New Building Part ( 4x4 Building Post) Added
-New Building Part ( Small Grow Box ) Added
-New Plant ( Beet ) Added
-New Plant ( Radish ) Added
-New Plant ( Squash ) Added
-New Plant ( Lettuce ) Added
-New Plant ( Hemp ) Added
-New Plant ( Pumpkin ) Added
-New Plant ( ) Added
-New Animal ( Wild Boar) Added
-New Animal ( Brown Bear ) Added
-New Animal ( Male Deer ) Added
-New Animal ( Chicken ) Added
-New Animal ( Wild Rabbit ) Added
-New Item ( Corn Seed ) Added
-New Item ( Beet Seed) Added
-New Item ( Carrot Seed) Added
-New Item ( Lettuce Seed ) Added
-New Item ( Radish Seed ) Added
-New Item ( Flint Rock ) Added
-New Item ( Flint Arrowhead) Added
-New Item ( Hammer) Added
-New Item ( Buck Saw) Added
-New Item ( Saw Blade) Added
-New Item ( Solar Panel) Added
-New Item ( Used Tent) Added
-New Herb ( Chamomile) Added
-New Item ( Herbal Tea) Added
-New Item ( Empty Herbal Containers) Added
-New Item ( Raw Egg ) Added
-New Crafting Station ( Powered Work Bench ) Added
-New Crafting Station ( Basic Work Table ) Added
-New Crafting Station ( Lumber Saw ) Added
-New POI ( Closed Down Landscape Center ) Added
-New POI ( Secret Military Bunker ) Added
-New POI ( Ruth's House ) Added
New POI ( Trader Ron's House ) Added
-New POI ( The Mushroom Cave ) Added
-Added Ability to get sick
-Added Cure for sickness
-Added Used Green Tent to Starter Inventory
-Added Dozens of miles of new trails throughout the map
-Added New spawn and pool system, now you can find items better, and you will not be able to sign out and back in to recollect, they are all set on random timers. some only seasonal spawns.
-Improved Characters distance from camera
-Improved Characters Run and Walk Speed
-Improved Stamina Usage
-Improved Collecting water from water sources

Hope you enjoy this update , we want to show you we are here to build you a good game and listen to what the community wants in a survival game. join our Discord and add your suggestions and get involved.

Things we are working on.
Improving AI, Hunting and Movement
Improving Building system
Swimming and Underwater effects
New campfire mechanics that will require you to add firewood for a set time of burning.
And a small list of other improvements and bug fixes.

Thanks for all your support, We are building a great community

Our Discord Discord.gg

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