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Server code is coming along great. Server is now designed to hold thousands of players in the world using "Areas Of Interest" Which only loads players around you. Also character creation works great and now your character will be saved and other players can view your customization!

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SOOO! It's been about 9 months that I have been working on this, and I must say... When I first started this project I never would have thought I'd put this much time and effort into a project or that it would be complex and time consuming to make an mmorpg. I've had the ideas bouncing around in my head forever but when it comes time to start laying down some code... Things start to get messy.

Anyways, the server is running great now. Players can now login using a created account (Signup is not created yet. Account details have to be entered manually by me for now) Upon logging in the server will check for saved data, if the player has data it will load the players data and go right into the world. If not, it will send the user to character creation. Upon logging out, character data is saved to the database and players can load that information on next log in :).

As far as I can tell, everything I have created is very secure and appears "Un-hackable". The server is what drives the game and the clients are basically just windows used for looking in on what is happening. (Authoritative Server).

At this time.. I have had 10 clients opened with random movement and network updates and the servers load is <1%. Incoming and Outgoing msgs were around 3kb/s. Which is great :). You can see this all in action here:

Feedback is welcome so feel free to leave a comment about anything!
I'm also still developing this alone so anyone interested in joining my team.. message me!

Thanks for reading!

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