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News and details about next weeks big update + sneak peek screenshots of what to expect. Also included are hours of game footage from a crazy ride, live on Twitch.tv, with SirLameGame.

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NeonXSZ - Latest News:

Part 2 of the 'Juice' update is nearly complete and should arrive sometime during the next week.

NeonXSZ - Weapon OverhaulNeonXSZ - Weapon Overhaul

Key features for Juice Update II:

  • A complete graphical overhaul of all the weapons - This includes smoke, fire, and plasma muzzle effects billowing out from the ship's turrets that are visible from inside the cockpit. Things like spirals of electricity along with significantly enchanced impact particle effects make the weapons look significantly more brutal now.
  • New weapon sound effects - To match the updated graphics, many of the weapons have enhanced or completely replaced sound effects.
  • Improved damage on high tech weapons - The heavier weapons now pack a much bigger punch. The Laser Cannon, Flak Cannon, and Rail Gun have had their damage boosted dramatically devastating enemies in their path.
  • New vapor trails - Every ship now has multiple vapor trails streaming off their wings and sharp edges enhancing their sense of speed.
  • New engine particle effects - The old engine effects have been totally replaced with a new blue animated plasma design.
  • Fire added to Virus areas - To go along with all the destruction in virus areas, sections of them will now be on fire.
  • Increased numbers of higher level ships - Previously it could prove difficult to find enough high level enemies to progress quickly so their numbers have been significantly increased.
  • New tips system to guide brand new players - This dynamic system will monitor the player and give them tips based on their play.

NeonXSZ - Customization OptionsNeonXSZ - Weapon Overhaul

Live Stream with SirLameGame

Next we have a real treat as we join SirLameGame as he fires up the game for the very first time live on Twitch.tv.

Although the game was butter smooth for him playing, his first stream had some unusual lag but he was so entertaining that we didn't care a bit. Watch the monocled wonder fire off questions at us about every aspect of the game in a two hour video that he kindly uploaded to YouTube.

Stream 2: For SirLameGame's second foray into NeonXSZ he's sorted out his stream settings and everything is nice and smooth. He takes his customized pink and blue spaceship of death on a rampage of destruction.

New Demo Coming Soon:

We also expect a brand new demo version to be released sometime over the next week. The current demo (available on Desura now) is a couple of months out of date visually so it's time to get it updated with all the new graphical polish.

Don't let it put you off the current demo though if you want to take the game for a spin. The gameplay is all there in the current version but one tip - make sure to go straight into the options menu and set your desired resolution. The current demo defaults to a 640x480 window but the game can be played fullscreen and at any resolution you want.

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The new update feels more...alive. this is good.

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