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New screenshots along with information about today's new update for the game. A demo for PC/Mac/Linux is now also available.

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Latest Screenshots:

NeonXSZ - New Build ScreenshotsNeonXSZ - New Build Screenshots

NeonXSZ - New Build ScreenshotsNeonXSZ - New Build Screenshots

Demo Now Available:

A demo, offering hours of gameplay, is now available for PC, Mac and Linux. Please note: The demo launches into a low resolution window for compatibility (to avoid an issue in Unity 4.1x). When the demo starts simply click on Options and then Video to set the game to suit your monitor. You can set it to run fullscreen in the same place. This is only necessary on first load and only in the demo version.

Latest Build - What's New?:

Squadrons: AI ships now form into emergent Squadrons. At early levels these squadrons will be small (a leader with a single wingman) but as the player levels up they can form into larger squadrons. The more powerful a squadron is the more chance it has of invading enemy space. Like everything else in the game these squadrons are emergent with ships joining and leaving based on their individual unique AI. You can even follow friendly squadrons into high level enemy space and join in the fight for epic loot.

New Weapon: Laser Cannon. The speed of the gameplay, in NeonXSZ, and it's weapons were heavily influenced by Quake. The latest new addition is the laser cannon which recreates the mechanics of the Quake rocket launcher. It looks nothing like the Quake rocket launcher but has the same general feel - a fast projectile, long range, high splash damage weapon.

New Weapon Boosters: 8 Laser Cannon weapon booster upgrades added. Each is more powerful than the last.

New Feature: Gain enough reputation with an in-game faction and they will now offer you the ability to 'Return To Teleporter'. Think of this like the town portal in ARPG games like Diablo. You were always able to teleport to your homebase in NeonXSZ, now this features allows you to return to the location you teleported from originally. This allows players to teleport home to friendly space to upgrade, swap ships, buy or sell loot, and then quickly get back to where they were.

New Message Filtering options added: Players can now filter out different message types to more easily see the information that is of most interest to them.

Game Updated to Unity 4.2: This resolves a few issues with the Linux builds of the game. For example the game now correctly reads the mouse wheel inputs again. Some performance improvements too.

64bit Linux build now available both for the full game and the demo.

Many other bug fixes and tweaks. A full list of changes can be seen here


...Is that a choir I hear?

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what is the difference between demo and full version?

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