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Hello today we will be talking about what it takes to complete this mod!

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As you may have seen i am making this new mod but for a 1 man Dev team i'm going to need all the help possible if you have any and i mean any modding experience at all please do pm me so we can help release the mod it means a lot to me so any help is appreciated.


Empire of Sigmar - Karl Franz
Legions of Chaos - Warlord Archon
Orc Horde - WarBoss Grimgor Ironhide
Vampire Counts - Count Mannfred Von Carstein
Dwarf Kingdom - Thorgrim Grudgebearer
Kingdom of Bretonnia - Louen Leoncoeur

These will be the preset factions on the server!

we will try to balance the mod as much as possible!

Many Thanks Me MR.DANK


As a warhammer fan I'll may help you, I know about rigging models and texturing/retexturing and such, so If you need me, let me know that, but we'll need more people

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Hi i saw your post and would like to offer my services, i am a voice actor and i have always loved the Warhammer Fantasy Universe, i am also a quick studies and with my GCSEs finishing this week (as of this comment) i now have a large amount of free time coming up to be able to learn. i hope you will consider me for any voice acting roles you may have. on Request i can provide a group of Voice Samples for you.

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