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[Naval v1,4] has just been released! Check out the release video on my YouTube or in this mod's gallery(?) for a glimpse of what's in store.

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Note: This is not a Mod, this is a pack full of maps that were coded to be like a mod when played.

---------- Install Instructions ----------

Step 1: Copy the Map folders out of the pack and into your maps folder, located in
C:\Users\(UserName)\Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps

Step 2: Open Zero Hour and play! (Solo Play > Skirmish > Select Map > Unofficial Maps)

---------- Patch 1.4 ----------

This patch aims to improve Multiplayer gameplay and bring capital ships to the forefront of the fight.

I keep a rough log in the Map.ini of all the changes I make for each update. Here are the changes for Patch 1.4!

Patch 1.4 (The Capital Ship Update):
- Major Updates
Multiplayer / Skirmish Update: Players are given a Mobile Shipyard at the start of a match.
Rework Scrap: Salvage Corvettes collect large scrap by moving over them, sinks after a bit.
Rework Salvage Corvette: Removed the Scrap crunch weapon, added an other upgradable weapon.
Rework Harvester: Can now carry 2 infantry inside, can now rappel both Defenders and Seals.
Rework Battlecruiser: Removed the random ship with buff, added customisable upgrade system.
Rework Oil Depot: increased the cost to 3.2K, while allowing us to make as many as we want.
Flagship: Added into the files, is a big Battleship and hyperspace capability, one allowed.
Destroyer: Added into the files, is a small Battleship with Missile pods that you can swap.
Corvette Hangar: Added into the files, place that makes corvettes and dozers, uses 2 power.
Navy Heavy Bomber: Added into the files, Special Power bomber that drops one Heavy Torpedo.
Navy Probe: Added into the files, missile launched scout, crashes 2 minutes after deployed.
Special Powers: Added Heavy Torpedoes, Marine Frigate Drops, Probes and Camera Zoom button.
Camera Zoom Button: Zooms out to get an improved view of the battlefield on the open ocean.

- Balance Updates
Nerfed the Marine Frigate's Ion Cannon Turret damage, no longer as strong as an Ion Cannon,
buffed the health of the Guardian Control Center, buffed the Support Frigate repair radius,
removed that stupid "Dock" feature from Support Frigates that I added from the last update,
Slightly buffed Ion Cannon Tower range, Increased the price of Class Research quite hugely,
fixed a few little tiny bugs relating to performance and the playability of a couple units.
Slightly buffed the Salvage Corvette unupgraded Damage, made this text form a pretty block,
Probably a lot of little things that I adjusted but forgot to document so are lost to time.

Added Campaign Lore! Their files are in The Sarum Pass, The Fields Of Plaz, and Bootcamp

Here are a couple of images of the new things

Battlecruisers can now chose 3 these 6 upgrades, which each provide different features and actions

A small area in the new Campaign Mission: The Fields of Plaz

Destroyers - the new Capital Ships armed with three missile pods

Destroyers can change their weapon loadout once to better combat different types of ships

The Hero unit of the Navy, Flagships are powerful and have the ability to hyperspace jump a certain distance forwards

Here are all the Capital Ships next to each other

Release Video

dgn - - 743 comments

A nice new mod !

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theredmenace_ - - 259 comments

Nice Homeworld references

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Newgate-ZH Author
Newgate-ZH - - 7 comments

I'm so glad somebody noticed :D
Homeworld massively inspired this mod

also really late reply, I only just now found out that indiedb exists - I posted this on ModDB, no idea why it's over here too

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