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Check up on the mod and how it has been going. Great times I must say.

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Good evening everyone!

So because of school I haven't been up to date with anything. What government shutdown? Heh, just kidding. But, on topic now today I am sick (yay?) so I have had plenty of time to work on Nameless. Because it's so early into October I probably won't be getting too much done, as I have work every weekend now and school every weekday (yay?) and so it will be difficult to start working on new stuff. I have, however, began to progress my expertise with scripting and made a breakable wall (I feel very accomplished about it, don't ruin it for me) so there will be that. I'll throw out some more pictures to give you a good basis on how the mod has been doing.

In the mean time, I have been looking into new ways to improve Nameless, story-wise and concept-wise. Again, I'll throw out some pictures. Great plot twist coming, you're never gonna expect it :D

That's all I have for now though, so you have a good day and why not go outside if it's sunny or something. Plenty of time until Nameless pops out.


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