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The name of this project was changed, new content was added (a new Parkour move,etc..) and the 3D Editor was shown for the first time.

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Another update! :D
The first thing you may notice is, that the name of this project changed.
Previously it was called "Celerity".

Now the thing is that "Celerity" is actually "finished" as it was a school-project. But as i'm not satisfied with its quality as a game, i'm not going to release it. (Also "Celerity" was a name which was used by other games as well...)

Basically, i'll rename it to "Celaria" which will be some sort of successor to "Celerity". :)

I also added some thing to the game.
One of the new additions, was a new move for the player.
The player is now able to hang on edges of blocks.
This makes it possible to reach higher blocks and can also safe the player from falling
if a jump wasn't that good.

I also added 3D text to the game which can be used for hints,storytelling or decoration.
The text is customizable. You can change the scaling, the rotation, the color and the text itself.
It even supports triggerbased events.

If a text is connected to a "Trigger- Block", it will only show up in the game
if the player walks into the trigger. (which the player can't see.)
This allows the map-creator to tell the player information only when it's needed.

I also tried to show a little example of how the Maps in Celaria are going to work.
The player must explore the maps to search for different paths which leads to the goal.
One path can be faster then the other. Some maps may have at least one obvious path which leads to the goal. Some maps may require some thinking and exploring to get to the goal.
The player has total freedom in both cases of how he maneuvres to the world.

(PS: Notice that the current animations of the 3D character aren't final. Some animations are also missing, like the wallrun, rolling or hanging from edges.)

The second update is a little showcase of the current 3D Editor of this game.
It is still work in progress. Not very user friendly at the moment, but at least it is fully functional.
Also players will be able to use this editor for custom maps which they can share with friends and people online. (With Online Highscore functionality of course.)

That's all for this moment.
Hope you enjoyed this update. ;)


nice! :3 i cant wait! look amazing!

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i wish I could join this project. I just dont have the knowledge.

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I'd buy this.

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But Celerity was such a good name!
Anyways, finish this game soon.

You need to finish Creawo.

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