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NaissanceE is now available on Steam. Will you dive in this strange and dangerous world?

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NaissanceE has finally been released on Steam.

Available for 19.99 $ / 12.99 £ / 14.99 € / 399 py6 / 34.99 R$, with a 10% reduction on the first week.
I hope you will enjoy your trip in the NaissanceE world.

"Every corner of every room is lit for dramatic effect, making the game a screenshot photographer’s dream come true. Rooms aren’t just puzzle boxes, they’re tableaus: a series of Gursky readymades. The enormous Brutalist environs make up an ever-deeper underground sci-fi metropolis, fusing ancient Egyptian architecture’s monolithic tendencies with its penchant for hidden corridors. If you’re lost, you probably just haven’t looked around enough. To play NaissanceE is to explore the abandoned Death Star of the mind: The Zone from Tarkovsky’s Stalker reimagined."
Read more on killscreendaily.com

"NaissanceE is a breathtaking game that will leave you questioning everything"
More on Alice's video review

"A pure adventure of sight, sound and sensory overload. Mesmerizing yet oppressive. Will work best for those who can enjoy games that remove almost the whole human element from the picture."
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"NaissanceE is one of few games that allows for silent reflection. Loneliness doesn’t subscribe to a singular connotation. For some, it’s depression. For others, reclusiveness is comfort. Every game is open to intense interpretation, but most of them try to force some greater revelation on you. NaissanceE is an insular experience. This world is as much a vessel as those crawling geometric insects. External advancement is ancillary. Your only measure of progress is through NaissanceE’s intense examination of the self. "
Read more on indiestatik.com

You can also watch Chris Priestman's video review, A limasse five new interview and more reviews on NaissanceE.com

harv_hark - - 218 comments

I think I must have been one of the first people to buy it haha!

As I expected, the game is great, and I really like the unique styles of it, it makes me feel somewhat like I'm on LSD but it's absolutely great!

You should all be proud of the work you have done!

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Foxxen - - 37 comments

Can't wait to try it out!

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